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This was sent to me by Mel Roseman.  He notes that it's available for both
dos and Mac.


If you haven't seen Microsoft's full page ad in all teacher's magazines,
including Electronic Learning, Learning 94, etc. January issues, call
800-583-0034, Dept. KR7. For just $5.00 freight, you have a choice of
CREATIVE WRITER (shipping now, I just got mine) or FINE ARTIST, shipping
in March (so they say right now). These new programs are aimed at 8-14
year olds. Be ready to give a credit card number (for the freight charge)
and a school address. You can only order one for the $5.00. If you want
both, the other one will cost 19.95 (teacher price) plus $5.00 freight.

If you don't have access to the ad, email me and I'll send you the text
of the ad.

Oh, yes, these are available for Windows or Macintosh.

Kaye Mushalik
Hillsdale Year-Round School-3rd/4th Grade
San Jose, CA

Mel Roseman
Internet: mrosema@ctp.org

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