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Being a former music teacher, I have more information on that than on PE.  I
can't vouch for any of these listservs, but assume they are all still active:

subscribe to:  allmusic-request@auvm.bitnet  [include .bitnet only if on
subscribe to:  Brass-request@dinorah.wustl.edu

subscribe to: sub_folk@lpl.org

subscribe to: music-ed-request@uminn1.bitnet

[If any of these bounce, try substituting -L for 'request' above.  This
information came from the Educators Guide to Listservs, available on many
gophers, or through Veronica.  There are also several Usenet groups for
Music/ians.  Check your local newsgroups for availability]

        A Phys Ed. database is run at Calstate Univ.  It offers a few school
        PE plans, some suggestions, and other PE information.  Telnet to:
        nis.calstate.edu  <login = ped >

Sorry can't help with your scheduling request.  Currently exploring this
myself, I would be interested in seeing replies posted or summarized for
LM_NET.  Happy 'Netting!
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