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Count me in for the diamond state of Delaware or the Philadelphia area.

Allison G. Kaplan
Education Resource Center
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716-2940


On Wed, 19 Jan 1994, Rita Kaikow (Oceanside High School) wrote:

> >From:  IN%"CAROLAN@IDS.NET" 19-JAN-1994 20:55:23.60
> >
> >Also, to all our "quakers" out there in sunny California...my prayers and
> >best wishes for your well-being.  If anyone needs a phone call made in New
> >England contact me privately and I will make it for you.  (Hope I am not
> >breaking the rules here, Mike and Peter, :-) )
> >
> >carolan@ids.net
> >*As always* LM_NET IS A JOY!
> What a great idea.  Telephone lines out on the West Coast may be down, but if
> you can send me a note, I'd be happy to contact anyone in the Metroplitan New
> York and Long Island area.  This includes, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, State
> Island, Westchester, Nassau County and Suffolk County. I'd even venture out to
> New Jersey if needed.
> -Rita
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