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I have recently joined LM_Net.   My name is Susan Veccia, and I
am the editor of a new magazine that will make its premiere in May
1994.  MultiMedia Schools will be published by Online, Inc. of Wilton,
CT.  Some of you may know the Databases in Schools annual
conference.  Chaired by Pam Berger, Online, Inc. is the sponsor of that
conference.  In addition to the Databases and Schools conference,
Online/Pemberton Press has for many years published ONLINE ,
DATABASE, and CD-ROM Professional, magazines sharply focused on
the needs of the broad  library community.  MultiMedia Schools is
the  first Online, Inc. publication focused specifically on a segment of
the professional educational community:  K-12 schools.  If you have
ideas about things that you would like to see covered, I hope you will
get in touch with me.

MultiMedia Schools is written for and by school professionals.  We
will include product tests (online, Internet, and CD-ROM) , practical
how-to advice on effective and efficient use of information resources
in schools as well as address some of the broader issues of
information literacy.  We see MultiMedia Schools as being helpful to
teachers, librarians, technology coordinators, and perhaps even
parents.  It is not a magazine about school restructuring.  It is a
magazine about how to use electronic tools that may facilitate
restructuring -- or more simply, "good education."

MultiMedia Schools will publish bi-monthly during the school year:
May, September, November, January, and March.  I welcome any
suggestions for articles, columns, or reviews.

Susan Veccia, Editor
MultiMedia Schools
2809 Brandywine Street, NW
Washington, DC  20008
Telephone:  202 244-6710
Fax:  202 363-9148
Internet:  veccia@well.sf.ca.us

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