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        I had a teacher pose a question yesterday that threw me--maybe some of
you can help me (and show this teacher the power of Internet at the same time:

She asked me for books that follow the same story-line as Jan Brett's
retelling of "The Mitten".  She had read someplace that 'there are over 1000
books with a similar theme in the Ukranian folklore'.  Are there?  If anyone
could share even one or two titles that follow this add-an-animal type theme,
we would both appreciate it.  Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!
Eugene Hainer       303-223-9901        | A wheel, without friction,
Linton Elementary   4100 Caribou Dr.    |    won't go;
Fort Collins, CO    80525               | A child, without challenge,
ehainer@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us          |    won't grow.

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