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Greetings!  Our junior high school (7,8) has no lockers.  We gave them up
about 5 years ago.  They were taken out of the walls last year
(finally!).  The students are issued a set of books from each class to be
taken home on the first day of school.  They stay home all year.  Each
teacher has a class set which is used in the classroom.  I've been given
copies of most of the books to keep in the library for lunchtime use.
There seems to be more pros for this system than cons.  The students
bring less stuff to school - even less of the stuff that can get them
into trouble! - I have a space here in the library for students to leave
backpacks, coats, umbrellas,etc.  I warn them that I do NOT keep an eye
on them but I've had no trouble and no thefts from this area.  Not many
students use it, and it varies from year to year.  The students don't
seem to mindat all that there aren't lockers.  The teachers like that no
one is late because "my locker wouldn't open" and the admin likes that
there are no hassles over possessions being stolen, etc.  I've not heard
any griping from students. My feeling is that students appreciate not
having to think about it.  So, there it is at our school!  You can write
me directly if you have questions about how we made the transition, etc.
good luck

Connie Williams, Librarian
Kenilworth Jr. High  998 E. Washington St  Petaluma, CA 94952
e-mail: cowilli@eis.calstate.edu   phone 707-778-4710

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