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From: el08641@llwnet.ll.pbs.org (Diane Neary)
Subject: Re: send demo "hello"
Organization: WNET / PBS Learning Link, New York, NY
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 1994 00:15:34 GMT
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Greetings from Saint Ann's School library in Brooklyn, New York.  We are
members of a consortium of school librarians in the Metropolitan new york
area.  We are also members of the Public Broadcasting System's electronic
network--Learning Link.
Why not send us a reply?
Diane Neary

Ken Ellis (ken.ellis@SHERIDANC.ON.CA) wrote:
: On Friday, January 21/94, I will be part of a group giving  demos of
: Internet, FreeNets, etc at the annual Ontario School Library Association
: Conference in Toronto, Ontario. It would be nice to have some far flung
: greetings from folks on the LM_NET to share with delegates stopping by the
: room where the demo is occurring. Most of these people will be high school
: or elementary school teacher-librarians, teachers, or administrators.
: There are ususually about 800 people at his three day event. My demo is
: over at 2:00pm EST. Thanks.

: Ken Ellis
: Head of Information Services
: Acton High School
: Acton, Ontario, Canada
: ken.ellis@sheridanc.on.ca

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