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   Susan:  The periodical sounds great; however, you failed to mention the
price of a subscription.  Will you be sending out sample copies, etc?
        Good luck!

On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, Susan Veccia wrote:

> I have recently joined LM_Net.   My name is Susan Veccia, and I
> am the editor of a new magazine that will make its premiere in May
> 1994.  MultiMedia Schools will be published by Online, Inc. of Wilton,
> CT.  Some of you may know the Databases in Schools annual
> conference.  Chaired by Pam Berger, Online, Inc. is the sponsor of that
> conference.  In addition to the Databases and Schools conference,
> Online/Pemberton Press has for many years published ONLINE ,
> DATABASE, and CD-ROM Professional, magazines sharply focused on
> the needs of the broad  library community.  MultiMedia Schools is
> the  first Online, Inc. publication focused specifically on a segment of
> the professional educational community:  K-12 schools.  If you have
> ideas about things that you would like to see covered, I hope you will
> get in touch with me.
> MultiMedia Schools is written for and by school professionals.  We
> will include product tests (online, Internet, and CD-ROM) , practical
> how-to advice on effective and efficient use of information resources
> in schools as well as address some of the broader issues of
> information literacy.  We see MultiMedia Schools as being helpful to
> teachers, librarians, technology coordinators, and perhaps even
> parents.  It is not a magazine about school restructuring.  It is a
> magazine about how to use electronic tools that may facilitate
> restructuring -- or more simply, "good education."
> MultiMedia Schools will publish bi-monthly during the school year:
> May, September, November, January, and March.  I welcome any
> suggestions for articles, columns, or reviews.
> Susan Veccia, Editor
> MultiMedia Schools
> 2809 Brandywine Street, NW
> Washington, DC  20008
> Telephone:  202 244-6710
> Fax:  202 363-9148
> Internet:  veccia@well.sf.ca.us

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