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I am sitting with some students in our library.  They are in an
"Integrated 7th grade"  This means that their subject matter in joined
with some common threads through the curriculum.
Caleb responds:  There is ninty people in our program.We do not have a
problem with stolen items because we trust each other.
Katie responds:  We only have three teachers , and if we have locker, we
have to walk down to a wing and disterd classes that are in sestion.
So, we have cubby holes in our three classes. On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, OLGA ERBE

> Is there anybody out there working in a middle school that doesnot use lockers
> Was this a choice implemented after years of using them or because financially
> couldn't afford?  What are the pros and cons?  Does it save on the wear and
> tear of textbooks?  Do students get a set to keep at home and class sets are k
>  t at school?  Bagged lunches a problem? Coats? Any imput would be appreciated
> aglo@nevada.edu

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