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        I have conversed with Lois Feldman and her husband several times,
as recently as this morning.  They are well, but their house suffered
major damage -- the fireplace is down; windows are broken; walls out of
alignment.  They have water, electricity, and phone service, and they're
waiting for the gas company to check their gas lines before turning on
the gas.  They and neigbors are sharing meals and support.

        Lois' home is just 2 blocks west of the apartment building which
collapsed, killing 16 residents.  She and her husband are still smiling.
Lois should soon have an indirect email connection to the Internet, but
not via CORE because the Cal State Northridge computer center suffered
major damage and will probably not be back in operation for at least a
month according to the CSU Chancellors's office.

        Lois reports that the library at Birmingham High seems to be
structurally OK, at least from visible inspection.  She said that one
fluorescent fixture came loose but that the computers are still standing
although several monitors did fall to the floor.  I don't know about the
30" TV monitor that was standing atop two large file cabinets.  All the
books, of course, are on the floor.

        Estimates of damage to L.A. Unified schools come to $700 million,
but no appeals for help or funds have been made.  We appreciate Marian
Haase's suggestion on LM-NET about donations, but I believe that the
suggestion may be premature since no one knows yet who needs what and how
much (or how little) money will come from the Federal government.

        However, individual donations to the Red Cross and/orSalvation
Army earmarked for earthquake relief will be well used.

        I'll be glad to answer whatever questions I can.

                                                - Mel
Mel Roseman
Internet: mrosema@ctp.org

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