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Dear LM-NET:
Our high school (enrollment 2000) has an unusual configuration -
two campuses. The students are divided approximately according to
grade level. 9th & 10th grades are on one campus.  The 11th & 12th
grades are on another campus one mile away. There is some duplication
of resources.  Many teachers have "traveling" assignments.
Recently our new principal asked me if I would try to make contact
with anyone else in a similar situation.  What can be done to bond the
two campuses and improve inter-campus relations?
As part of technology plan for next three years I have proposed
networking the library media centers, classrooms, administrative
offices and computer labs to create one virtual campus.  Has anyone
done that? Any other ideas would be most welcome.
I've only been on the net for a short time, but have found it
extremely helpful and a great professional development tool.
Thanks so much to everyone for contributions and personal replies.
Sue Norkeliunas
LMS, District Coordinator            gsn1@maristb.marist.edu
Arlington HS- South Campus           Voice: 914-454-2710 x28
LaGrangeville, NY 12540              FAX    914-454-1953

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