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Dear LM_NETters,

This sounds like an interesting electronic newsletter, imho...

.....Madelynne Johnson.....madeline@cascade.nwnet.net

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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 19:18:49 EST
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Subject: GNN Issue 2--Education (fwd)

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 18:05:16 -0600 (CST)
From: Gleason Sackman <sackman@plains.nodak.EDU>
Subject: GNN Issue 2--Education (fwd)

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Newsgroups: misc.education
From: allen@rock.west.ora.com (Allen Noren)
Subject: GNN Issue 2--Education

For Immediate Release

             Educators, Parents and Students Learn How
                 to Navigate the Internet with GNN

            Premier Online Magazine Showcases Electronic
                      Revolution in Education

Sebastopol, Calif.--January 19, 1994--O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
today announced the second issue of the Internet's premier online
publication, Global Network Navigator (GNN) Magazine. This issue of
the electronic-based publication explores the rich world of educational
resources on the Internet and how educators, students and parents are
using new information technologies to reinvigorate education in
America and the world.

The electronic magazine features insightful articles by visionaries
in the online educational movement and provides direct electronic
links to an array of Internet-based sources including the World
Factbook, NASA's Spacelink and databases including information on
world ecology, 1992 U.S. election returns and recent Supreme Court

GNN Magazine provides many examples of how electronic-based
resources are being used to reshape education and describes how
schools and individuals can take part in this revolution. The
magazine includes introductory remarks by Vice President Al Gore
speaking to the National Press Club and hyper-text-based articles

* "Teaching and Learning in a Networked World" by Donna Donovan;
* "Environmental Education on the Net" by Laura Parker Roerden
* "Librarians and the Internet" by Mary Ann Neary
* "K-12 Schools on the Internet: One School's Experience" by
   Mike Showalter;
* "KIDLINK--Global Networking for Youth 10-15" by Odd de Presno;
   And much more

Gina Blaber, managing editor of GNN Magazine, explains that this
issue was designed to educate teachers, parents and students on what
is available on the global Internet. "The much touted information
superhighway of tomorrow is a reality today, and education has the
most to gain. Schools and individuals equipped with the proper
Internet connections and computer equipment are finding that a new
world of exploration and opportunity await them online. This issue
explores how the pioneers are using this innovative resource and
how others can get involved."

She continues, "Global Network Navigator and GNN Magazine give
users a way to navigate through the information highway by
providing insightful editorial content, easy point-and-click
commands, and direct electronic links to information resources".

GNN is a free magazine, but requests that users subscribe.

To subscribe to GNN, send email to info@gnn.com
GNN can be accessed at: http://nearnet.gnn.com/

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