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More of scheduling.  Mary Bryan

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Date: Fri Jan 21 10:22:54 1994
From: Hatteras School <hatteras@micronet.wcu.edu>
To: mebryan@tenet.edu

It's a terrible thing to be locked into ROTATION!  A colleague in this
county at a middle school was trapped  in it for several years until more
courses began to be offered: Spanish, Business Careers, Technology.
Our school is K-12 so for a long time I didn't have to do it because of
conflicts.  Then I got into it 2 years ago.  I offered a course in Hypercard
and limited the number of students.  It was fun.  This year the middle
schoolers could sign up for "Assistants" as a rotation.  This means they
are assigned a teacher to help.  So I have got some great 7th graders last
period of the day to help with shelving, filing, etc.  I give them one free day
to mess around with computers.  This works because of having the
elementary.  But middle school teachers have lots of clerical and cleanup
work the kids could do.  And you could use the help.  A lot better than
teaching "skills" out of context.  Buena suerte.

Nancy Cowal
Media Coordinator
Cape Hatteras School
P.O. Box 948
Buxton, NC 27920

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