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Some more ideas for scheduling. Mary Bryan

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Date: Fri Jan 21 10:39:18 1994
From: Hatteras School <hatteras@micronet.wcu.edu>
To: mebryan@tenet.edu
Subject: rotation

I just read your note over and saw you are in an elementary
school.  So you are saying you are scheduled in all day to
teach classes.  What about Art?  Can't that be in the schedule?
I worked with our art, PE and music teachers to design a
schedule that included Media for a while but I was trying to
move toward flexible scheduling and it worked out I didn't fit
into their schedule so well.  How about an extra PE period a
week?  Or could yuou schedule storytellers and Reading Rainbow
and only have kids check out books other times in small groups?
Let me know what happens.  If you could only let teachers see
how flex scheduling works, they wouldn't want you to be busy
with whole classes.

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