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Dear LM_NETters,

Here's a review of a new book said to be the 'TV Guide to cyberspace' ;-)

.....Madelynne Johnson.....madeline@cascade.nwnet.net

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From: netguide@mindvox.phantom.com (Michael Wolff)
Newsgroups: alt.internet.services
Subject: New Book Maps Cyberspace
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 16:52:40 EST

                New Book from Random House Maps Cyberspace

               "NET GUIDE is the `TV GUIDE' to Cyberspace!"
                     --Louis Rossetto, editor, "Wired"

      "At last, a Baedeker for the dense infothickets of Cyberspace.
         NET GUIDE sits somewhere between the Yellow Pages and
--John Perry Barlow, cofounder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

NET GUIDE, the first subject-classified directory to Cyberspace,
arrives in bookstores nationwide this week. Created by Michael
Wolff & Company, Inc., a New York book packager specializing in the
presentation of data in visually appealing ways, and published by
Random House, NET GUIDE logs over 4,000 cybersites by address and
description in more than 150 subjects, from financial management
to paganism and the occult, from football to fantasy role-playing.

More like a travel guide (or, as "Wired" editor Louis Rosseto called
it, a "TV Guide") than traditional Net information listings, NET
GUIDE has an easy-to-use format that shows not only the information
resources of Cyberspace, but the entertaining nature of the medium
as well.

According to NET GUIDE's creators: "It's 1954 and your family has
just bought a television set! Along with millions of others up and
down Maple Street you want to know one thing: what's on? Now that
same question echoes out in Cyberspace. As the Net becomes an
entertainment as well as information medium, a program guide
becomes an essential tool and a must-have part of the experience."

NET GUIDE defines the "Net" as not only Usenet and the Internet, but
the commercial services, BBSs, and BBS conferences too.

Already one of Random House's fastest-selling computer book titles,
NET GUIDE, which debuted at MacWorld, has been featured on CNN's
"Future Watch," and in the February issue of "Wired" magazine.
"Windows" magazine plans to run a 4,000-word excerpt from the book
in March.

NET GUIDE is also the first book to launch simultaneously with an
online service. NET GUIDE Online, debuting in March, is an Internet-
access provider that uses the NET GUIDE database to create an easy
navigation tool for the Net.

********************   Available in bookstores now!   ********************

                                NET GUIDE

                       ISBN:          0-679-75106-8
                       Price:                $19.00
      For more information, EMAIL TO:         author@go-netguide.com
      To place an order,  VOICE CALL:                 1-800-NET-1133

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