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Dear LM_NET Friends,

 The recent LA "shake up" has reawakened an interest in earthquakes. We
own the videodisc, "The Quake of 89" that was produced by ABC and was
marketed with the HyperCard stack for interactive presentations.
  The Problem: The software will not work with the newer versions of
HyperCard that virtually all of other interactive applications now
demand. Video Discovery where we bought the disc tells me that they were
simply the vendor for ABC, and that ABC no longer is interested in
upgrading the product. Soooo,
  Is there any HyperCard scripter out there who can fix this, or has
someone already done it? Help!
Larry Parsons
Ocean Beach School District
P.O. Box F
Ilwaco, WA 98642
"Money is not the report card of life."

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