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Debbie Abilock wrote:
> I recently heard that CORE, which is the way that California librarians
> and students can access the 'Net gratis, is thinking of charging $25. per
> PERSON per YEAR for an account.  For those of you who are on state-wide
> access, what does your system do?  (I am concerned that such a policy

Tenet, Texas Education Network, is open to Texas educators for $5.00 per
year.  In metropolitan areas, users can access through a local
number...avoiding long distance calls.  In rural areas we use an 800
number but time is limited to 45 minutes per day.  We do not have accounts
for students.  I *think* that originally the plan was to include student
accounts, but the expense has been so great, or perhaps the system has
been so loaded, that the student accounts are on hold for the time being.

I really appreciate the $5.00 annual fee, but I use the network so much, I
would be willing to pay $15.00 or $25.00.  However, as you suggest, I feel
that amount would keep some from subscribing.

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