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I thought that many of you migt be interested in this information.

Ron Bettencourt
B.M.C. Durfee High School
360 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720
Internet: rbettencourt@umassd.edu
Extracted from ALCTS Network News



    The Clinton Administration's Information Infrastructure Task Force   fs
announced on December 16 the operation of a computer bulletin board
system.  The purpose is to provide public access to IITF and other
National Information Infrastructure related documents, including IITF
schedules, committee reports and minutes of meetings.  Some parts of
the menu are still under construction, but available now are frequently
asked questions, points of contact, press releases, and documents such
as Vice President Gore's December 21 speech at the National Press Club
on NII and telecommunications policy.
    For access to the IITF bulletin board through the Internet, gopher
to iitf.doc.gov or telnet to iitf.doc.gov and login as gopher.
Comments may be sent by e-mail to nii@ntia.doc.gov.  For telephone
access, dial 202-501-1920.  For further information, contact Charlie
Franz, Dan Davis, or Art Altenburg at 202-482-1835

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