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Hi! I have an idea for revising my school's current policy on photocopying
and hope that some of you will consider it for hidden flaws and/or fine
tuning. Currently we charge 10 cents per page for photocopies.  I will
propose that this fee be eliminated for class related copying *if* the
student fills out a request form that amounts to a bibliographic citation.
 I would anticipate probably three types of forms, on different colors of
paper for books, periodicals, and encyclopedia articles.  These would be
stapled to the photocopied page(s) when they are returned to the student.
Reactions?  Thanks.

Pat Bartoshesky  <pbarto@brahms.udel.edu>  <pbarto@stmarks.cerf.fred.org>
Saint Edmond's Academy  2120 Veale Rd.  Wilmington DE 19810-4199
VOICE 302-475-5370  FAX 302-475-2256

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