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I have been a subscriber for only 6 weeks. The power of this forum is
indeed far-reaching. Not only have I received a great deal of useful
information in my position as school librarian, but I have also provided my
husband with information which we hope will make a big difference in the
way the schools in our province will prepare for and deal with, both pre-
and post-disaster situations.

I have retrieved numerous messages from you which have related concern,
offers to use your telecommunications connections, and timely information
on events and situations. Unlike the news media's
sensationalistic focus, your interaction has provided a glimpse into
realities of post-disaster events on a personal level. My husband will be
one of the many consultants going down to the L.A. area to inspect the
results of the earthquake. His focus will be on schools.
His reports and successive implementations will make a difference in our
province. For that I thank you as a citizen, parent and teacher.
Kathleen Blohm                        ( O )
kblohm@cln.etc.bc.ca             ..___<\=/>___..
Glenlyon-Norfolk School Library  |      V       |
phone (604) 592-2401  Fax (604) 592-3911        |
                                 |           |  |
Community Learning Network       |__| ^^^___/   |
British Columbia, Canada ________\  \v\\\L_____/_______
                                 (^^^\>                \
                                  JJJ\o                 \

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