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I am posting this for Elizabeth Polk, as she has had some technical
difficulties getting through. Please reply directly to her at epolk@tenet.edu.

Austin (Texas) Independent School District has a 70,000 student
enrollment and 8,000 staff members on 96 campuses. Currently we have a
district professional library which includes a materials
processing center for centralized library acquisitions, cataloging and
processing for campus libraries; a teacher production lab; a computer
lab; media and graphics services; a reviewing center for trade and text
books; and a centralized library which provides professional journals,
books and instructional materials.

Our district is forming an academy for professional development and is
considering moving our central professional library to the same location.
We are currently in a building by ourselves, having only two meeting
spaces.  Previously, we had been housed at the administration building.  We
like the idea of being in the building where all staff members will come
or be connected with for staff development and would like any advice you could
give us..

Does anyone have a similar library connected to a professional development
academy?  If so, I'd like to talk with you about services, physical space,
staff, extended hours, how you integrate the library with the staff
development component, your relationship with neighboring universities and
other types of libraries, technology used in providing staff development
in an urban district, and lots of other questions.

We want to dream big  and thus would appreciate any suggestions
or experiences you could share, and books or articles
you know of on this subject.  Thanks so much.

Please send responses to my address above or to:

                Elizabeth Polk, Administrative Supervisor of Libraries
                Austin ISD
                910 East St. Johns
                Austin, TX 78752
                (512) 451-6530          FAX (512) 453-7296

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