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Hi, Friends,
I just got a phone call from Lois Feldman, the Valley Girl, fer sure, fer
sure!  She asked me to relay this message:

Lois and Esther Sinofsky are alive and well.  Lois lives just behind the
apartment house that was demolished killing several people.  She has
damage to her chimney and her cinderblock wall (some of you may not know
the extent of fences and walls in Southern California).  Her swimming
pool is fine, she assures me ;-)  Esther does not live in the San
Fernando Valley, so her home did not sustain much damage other than a few
things falling down (this may be a bit oversimplified -- I did not speak
to Esther).  Aside from the mess in the library at Lois's school, there
does not appear to be any structural damage, and students are expected to
return Tuesday.  Esther's school, on the other hand, is one of the 100
schools that is unsafe for habitation.  It is unknown what will be done
for all the students and teachers from those schools.

Good news from Lois.  In the midst of all this, she has a new
granddaughter, born today!

Lois asked me to extend her sincere appreciation for all the concern of
her (our) colleagues in LM_Net and CALIBK-12.  She will not be able to
make it to the LM_net meeting at ALA, but will be there on Saturday in
the exhibits.  She will be wearing a blue t-shirt that says Birmingham
High School on the back, and it has a rainbow and says Electra on the
front.  She hopes to meet many people face to face there.  She will be
back on the "net" as soon as phone lines are available!

From me, although San Diego barely felt any rockin' or rollin' last week,
it was certainly heartwarming to know that all of you were thinking about
the California contingency.  I too will be at ALA and hope to make it to
the meeting.

Be typin' to ya'!

          . . . . . Marsha K.

Marsha Korobkin
Librarian, Pt. Loma High School
San Diego, California

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