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Dear Olga,
        Our middle school is the only one that still uses lockers. We
deal with jammed lockers and many broken into on a daily basis. On the
other hand, my son went to a middle school where they didn't have lockers
and he loved it. students did not have ehaavy backpacks since all had a
complete set of the texts at home. Each classroom had a complete set in
the classroom. Initially it would cost significantly more to purchase the
extra set of texts. In the long run, I think you will find an incredible
savings becasue you will have to replace less books to losses and damage.
finally, every student was prepared on a daily basis; the texts were
already in class. No one had to make a desperate trip to their lockers.
Saved a lot of time.  The teachers loved it. I wish it was a policy we
would install at our site.
        Hope this helps. sophia

On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, OLGA ERBE wrote:

> Is there anybody out there working in a middle school that doesnot use lockers
> Was this a choice implemented after years of using them or because financially
> couldn't afford?  What are the pros and cons?  Does it save on the wear and
> tear of textbooks?  Do students get a set to keep at home and class sets are k
>  t at school?  Bagged lunches a problem? Coats? Any imput would be appreciated
> aglo@nevada.edu

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