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We(the phys ed people and myself) have been searching for materials on self
defense and kidnapping/abduction prevention for children. Altho we have found
a few things for high school age children, we haven't found much of anything
for elementary school children.  We are interested in any curriculum type
materials, books, or videotapes.  From a recent news story we know that in
Pittsfield, MA there is something done in the schools. Is anybody out there
familiar with this?  If anybody knows of some good titles or video series
or whatever, please send them to me. Again thanks to all who help me out.
Any info is appreciated.  And of course, your time is too.
  Melinda Miller-Widrick  Colton-Pierrepont Central School  Colton, NY 13625
   e-mail  mmiller3@albneric.bitnet

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