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I have a media specialist at a voc. ed. center who is looking for the following:
She has to start a media center and since the students will return to their
schools to use those media centers she wants hers to utilize, mainly,
online sources.  I don't have details yet but she wants to do this instead
of buying a lot of books since the school libs. have book collections.
Can anyone give me any suggestions to pass on?  Also, don't take this as an
anti-book questions because it really isn't - she is just trying to
plan a center that voc. ed. students can use, use technology in and
she has limited space.  Sorry if this isn't completely clear but this is
the situation as I've heard it second hand.  Thanks very much for any
suggestions on what she might do and what resources she might place in the

Judy Hauser, Information Specialist
Library Services, Oakland Schools
Waterford, MI 48328  810-858-1971

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