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On January 24, Linda Ramsey wrote:

        We need a good source of current events in Spanish for high school
students.  All suggestions are welcome.


Linda Ramsey                            The world is my country,
Centralia High School Library           All people are my siblings,
Centralia, MO  65240                    And to do good is my religion.
314-682-3508                              (Thomas Paine - paraphrased)


If you guys have cable TV there are some good current events news programs in Sp
 anish on Mind Extension University or Univision. If you get Cable in the Classr
 oom magazine they are listed in the Foreign Language section (ask your cable re
 p. if you do not
get the magazine. If you have a satellite dish SCOLA broadcasts news programs fr
 om around the world. There is also Ethnic News on CD-ROM (pretty expensive) whi
 ch has newspapers from around the world. The screen can have directions in Engl
 ish or Spanish.
If you want further info, you can reach me directly at my e-mail address.
Shelley Glantz, library Media Specialist
Arlington (MA) High School
glantzs@a1. mec.mass.edu

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