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On Mon, 24 Jan 1994, Linda Ramsey wrote:

>         We need a good source of current events in Spanish for high school
> students.  All suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Linda Ramsey                            The world is my country,
> Centralia High School Library           All people are my siblings,
> Centralia, MO  65240                    And to do good is my religion.
> 314-682-3508                              (Thomas Paine - paraphrased)

X-PRESS X-CHANGE is a news and information service that is available to
schools courtesy of the cable television industry.  A special convertor
box allows you to connect your personal computer to a cable TV jack.
Software is available for use of Mac or IBM-compatible computers.
Software and convertor boxes are relatively low cost and the service is
free.  One of the news services that comes through the wire is a Spanish
language service from Mexico.  Contact X-PRESS at 1-800-772-6397.

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