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Note: This is posted by Howard Poole, Western Michigan University for his
wife Charlotte Poole.

To Whom It May Concern
From: Charlotte Poole, Dowagiac, MI
Re: Looking for School Library Media Centers or Universities to Visit

I am writing as a middle school library media specialist who will be
traveling from California  (San Jose area) to Hawaii,  Fiji, New Zealand
and Melbourne, Australia during July-August, 1994 .

I would like to study how other school librarians organize programs for
teaching information processing skills to students in grades K-12.
I am in the process of putting together an itinerary for our travels.  I am
looking for specific school libraries that I should visit in these countries
dealing with information processing skills.   Any suggestions would be
appreciated and would help in organizing our travel plans.  I would be more
than happy to share my experiences with others on teaching information
processing skills, on using various forms of information technology,
and/or just "talk shop" wherever I might visit.

I am currently serving on the Library Media Program Advisory Committee
for the State of Michigan.  The Committee has prepared a position paper on
Information Processing Skills as well as a scope and sequence chart for
teaching students these skills.  We are currently developing a booklet of
lesson plans utilizing these skills with example lessons for various grade
levels and curriculum areas .  I have 20 years experience as a school
library media specialist with library-media degrees from Purdue
University and Western Michigan University.

Please send any suggestions for visits to my husband's e-mail address
(Howard. Poole@wmich.edu).  Thank you very much for any assistance
someone might offer.

Charlotte Poole
31594 Maple Island
Dowagiac, MI 49047
phone (616)424-32212
Fax (616)466-0235

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