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We have a district committee struggling with technology needs of our
district.  I have completed a 3 priority listing for grades K-12 and
submitted these requests to the Asst Supt.  If you would like a copy of
such a listing or just hs, jr high (grades 7,8) or elem only let me know
and I would be glad to send (us mail) you a copy.

Karel A. Smith, Librarian/District Coordinator          Library Media Center
Hazelwood Central High School
15875 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant,MO 63031
Voice > 1-314-839-9516 (school)   1-314-773-3992 (home)
Fax > 1-314-839-9561
Internet > ksmith@services.dese.state.mo.us

On Fri, 21 Jan 1994, Linda Crescimano wrote:

>    We are planning a new high school science building and want to
> incorporate the latest in technology.  Has anyone started or completed
> such a project?  I would appreciate any input.
>    Thank you in advance.
>                            Linda Crescimano   crescil@delphi.com

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