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*      Marge Cargo - Librarian/Media Specialist        *
*    Troy High School - Fullerton Union H.S. District  *
*    2200 E. Dorothy Lane     Fullerton, CA USA 92631  *
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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 09:46:00 EST
From: American Center for the Study of Distance Ed <ACSDE@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
To: Multiple recipients of list DEOS-L <DEOS-L@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
Subject: New Lists

                  *           ANNOUNCING               *
                   *                                  *
       **************           EdPOL-D              **************
                   *                                  *
                  *       Education Policy Digest      *

   EdPOL-D (Education Policy Digest) is a new moderated discussion list
   from Scholastic Inc. Created for teachers, parents, administrators,
   researchers, policy-makers and anyone else interested in the present
   and future of K-12 networking and technology, EdPOL-D is the only list
   that focuses on educational technology policy on all levels -- federal,
   state, and local -- without the techno-talk.

   Each month planners, funders, and policy makers will discuss their programs
   and perspectives on the latest legislation and what impacts these decisions
   will have on the future of K-12 networking with teachers and others in the

   Our first issue addresses the need for building consensus among the many
   constituencies involved in developing technology policy.

   Upcoming discussions include:
            January 94:    National Information Infrastructure(NII)- - What
                            are the roles of the states?
            February 94:   The FIE/OERI grant
            Upcoming:  The benefit of telecommunications technology.
            Human Resources - The Missing Link
            Funding Opportunities for K-12 Networking

   To subscribe to the list send an email message to:


   on the first line of text, type:

                         subscribe edpol-d  Yourfirstname Yourlastname

   To send a message to the editor;  your questions, comments, or complaints,
   address it to:


          11 Jan 1994 10:55:57 -0500
Date:         Tue, 11 Jan 94 10:55:44 EST
From:         Anthea Tillyer <ABTHC@CUNYVM>
Subject:      New net
To:           deos-l@psuvm


TESLK-12, Teachers of English as a second or foreign language to children.

Although primarily an academic discussion forum for teachers of children
around the world, the list is open to all other interested parties. The
discussion focuses on the teaching and learning of English as a second
or foreign language in primary and secondary schools around the world.

TESLK-12 is a "sister" list to TESL-L, which is also for teachers of
English as a second or foreign language, but tends to deal mainly with
issues related to students in colleges and universities.

The TESLK-12 project is a collaborative project of the City College of New
York, the City University of New York, the Department of Education of
the State of New York, and the Teachers' FREENET of Finland.

To subscribe to TESLK-12, send a message to LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
            Subscribe TESLK-12   firstname lastname

The owners of the list are:
ABTHC@CUNYVM (Anthea Tillyer, City College of New York)
R1TR@AkronVM.Bitnet (Tim Rushing, University of Akron)
TRobb@CC.Kyoto-su.ac.jp (Tom Robb, Kyoto Sangyo University)
PByron@SED.bitnet (Peter Byron, NY State Education Department)
Heikki.Korpinen@hut.fi (Heikki J. Korpinen, Finland Free-net)

The list in unmoderated.
There are archives (for subscribers only) of logs and materials related
to the teaching of ESL/EFL in primary and secondary school.

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