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Path: sn07942
From: sn07942@llwnet.ll.pbs.org (Harborfields HS)
Subject: Re: LMCs, Tech Labs vs. LCD panels for group comp. instr.
Organization: WNET / PBS Learning Link, New York, NY
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 15:19:02 GMT
Message-ID: <CK6yJs.9sJ@llwnet.ll.pbs.org>
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I am interested in a device called McAver-Key which theoretically takes the
output from a Mac Or IBM/type  video port and splits it.  ONe half goes back
to your monitor -- the rest can go out through either composite video or
S-VHS into a monitor.  Since the new large monitors are all coming in with
S-VHS ports, and cost far less than the LCD projectors, this may be a viable

Stu Horowitz, Harborfields High School, Greenlawn, NY

Betty Dawn Hamilton (bhamilt@TENET.EDU) wrote:
: > Betty, et al.,
: >    Although a "lab" (group of 35? 15?) of computers somewhere within the
: > confines of your LMC might actually prove best for you if you're the only
: > one available at these times to give kids help on the computer, an

: Thanks, Steve!  Now, see how wonderful LM_NET is?  You've given me an
: alternative that may keep me from creating a monster.  I am saving all of
: the responses and I'll discuss them with our technology committee as we
: get further along in our plans.  *My* idea was to _hire_ an aide to work
: in the computer area.....but I may be *really* dreaming in that case.

: This is a very enlightening discussion.  I am greatful to all who have
: experiences to share.

: Betty
:                             bhamilt@tenet.edu
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