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This message suggests having students mention to their parents that the
media center is being neglected, etc.  It is my experience that kids don't
tell parents anything.  If you want parents to know and make a difference,
you have to tell them directly.

On Sun, 23 Jan 1994, JJ Towler wrote:

> It is ludicrous that your school system does not value the
> importance of safety and service in your media center.
> As suggested in a previous message, back up your own good
> judgment with documentation such as Information Power and
> your state's standards for library media services.
> In our school system, it seems the voice of the teacher is
> inaudible to the officials.  But, the PARENTS are our best
> avenue to get things done.  One might casually point out to a
> student who notices the limited service and inadequate
> furniture to mention this to her/his parents.  For me,
> I find my parent volunteers are the parents who are most
> interested in the quality of library services.  They have the
> time to volunteer and also have the time to talk with other
> parents when they see something at the school that concerns
> them.
> Of course, you will be getting advice from sea to shining sea
> through LM_NET.  Download these messages, print them out, and
> share copies with your principal, school board and anyone else
> of authority who does not understand the gravity of your
> situation.
> Best wishes--the LM_NET Team is behind you!!
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