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> > Does every student need an account?  Many of us have had a school account
> > and the students personalize it by placing their name in the subject
> > heading.  Here in BC where accounts can be expensive often their are group
> > accounts.
> >
> > Ideally the best way is with personal accounts but it is proving to be too
> > expensive for schools: the account costs plus the additional phone line
> > costs.  What many school districts are looking at is pooling their money to
> > provide a BBS service with email and/or gopher links for students and ftp as
> > well for teachers.  Also local BBS's offer Internet email access at a
> > reasonable rate.

Do realize, however, that many systems strictly forbid shared accounts and
others discourage them as best they can. And for good reason...
It takes just one user to run amuck across the Internet using someone else's
account or good name to ruin what could have been a financial solution.

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