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        Several of us in the Midwest who don't have the
        $ are very happy with the covid connector (also
        for a tv).  It is nice to have the big screen
        and the color when teaching and actually the
        resolution is not bad (not glorious) and serves
        the purpose.  A friend and I teach all of our
        cds (networked on Novell 3.1) and catalog that
        way, with one peculiar problem (which we attri-
        bute to the cd).  We only get one half of the
        screen when we teach Resource One from UMI.
        Anyone else have that problem?

        BTW, we really like Resource One and my friend
        is previewing the pilot which is even better.

        Marianne  (I will post order info for the covid
        if anyone would like it -- I'm at home right

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