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I have this box and it works well on almost all of our IBM's and clones (Data
Generals).  It doesn't work on our IBM 486 Ultimedia with a built in CD
ROM drive, when the Averkey software is loaded into RAM, the screen
starts to flip on the monitor and on the large screen.  It only happens
with this one machine, all others work fine.  I think it cost app. $250.00.

>DATE:   Tue, 25 Jan 1994 11:19:19 -0500
>FROM:   Global SchoolNet Fdn FrEdMail <lmnet-l@ACME.FRED.ORG>
>Newsgroups: schl.sig.lmnet
>Path: sn07942
>From: sn07942@llwnet.ll.pbs.org (Harborfields HS)
>Subject: Re: LMCs, Tech Labs vs. LCD panels for group comp. instr.
>Organization: WNET / PBS Learning Link, New York, NY
>Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 15:19:02 GMT
>Message-ID: <CK6yJs.9sJ@llwnet.ll.pbs.org>
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>References: <759220444.7550@acme.fred.org>
>I am interested in a device called McAver-Key which theoretically takes the
>output from a Mac Or IBM/type  video port and splits it.  ONe half goes back
>to your monitor -- the rest can go out through either composite video or
>S-VHS into a monitor.  Since the new large monitors are all coming in with
>S-VHS ports, and cost far less than the LCD projectors, this may be a viable
>Stu Horowitz, Harborfields High School, Greenlawn, NY
>Betty Dawn Hamilton (bhamilt@TENET.EDU) wrote:
>: > Betty, et al.,
>: >    Although a "lab" (group of 35? 15?) of computers somewhere within the
>: > confines of your LMC might actually prove best for you if you're the only
>: > one available at these times to give kids help on the computer, an
>: Thanks, Steve!  Now, see how wonderful LM_NET is?  You've given me an
>: alternative that may keep me from creating a monster.  I am saving all of
>: the responses and I'll discuss them with our technology committee as we
>: get further along in our plans.  *My* idea was to _hire_ an aide to work
>: in the computer area.....but I may be *really* dreaming in that case.
>: This is a very enlightening discussion.  I am greatful to all who have
>: experiences to share.
>: Betty
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