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On Jan. 25, MMiller wrote about the "sex respect" program and asked if
anyone had any experience with this program.  Our community instituted
this program a few years back.  Strong objections were raised by
progressive parents in the community about the sexist nature of this
program. (such as -the girls has the responsibility of controlling
the boy who apparently can't be expected to control himself).  There
were a number of other objections but I no longer have the material
i collected so I can't be more specific.  The parents tooks their
complaints to the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction.  They also
found much to object to in the program, citing many philosophical
biases and actual errors of science.  Although the DPI could not
tell the community not to use the program because it wasn't within
their authority.  The East Troy community quietly dropped the program
not long after that.  If you search magazine indexes I believe you
may find other incidences where objections were raised.  The program
may have been revised recently but I personally would look at it
very carefully.  I hope this helps.
Jan Ziglin

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