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On Tue, 25 Jan 1994, Gloria Bowman wrote:

> I have a request from a school system, K-12,  for a comprehensive
> listing of African-American materials/resources/literature.  The
> system is interested in making available to their schools a "core
> collection" of materials.  Does anyone out there know/have a source
> that would be useful?  Thanks in advance for your consideration of
> the question!!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Gloria Bowman
> Reference Librarian
> Education Information Services
> North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
> Raleigh, North Carolina
I don't know how comprehensive they are, but the L.A. Public library has
had some very nice bibliographies in the past.  Have y ou checked other
large public library systems, such as the New York Public Library or
Enoch Pratt in Baltimore.  Also, how about some of the library publishing
houses like Libraries Unilimted, Scarecrow, or MacFarlane?

          . . . . . Marsha K.

Marsha Korobkin
Librarian, Pt. Loma High School
San Diego, California

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