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The Newsday Project                                             Page 1
Please print and distribute this call for collaboration to teachers
you know who may be interested in participating.
Project Name:  NEWSDAY                 (c) Global SchoolNet Foundation
               (Thanks to Greg Butler                 January 25, 1994
               for the general information included here.)

Date:          March 15 - May 13, 1993

Purpose:       To address and improve:
               * Academic skills - reading, writing, editing,
                 revising, interviewing, literature appreciation and
               * Social Skills: cooperative learning, leadership,
                 listening, discussing, encouraging, sharing.
               * Technical Skills: word processing, file management,
                 keyboarding; telecommunications: terminal software
                 commands, uploading and downloading.

Summary:       NEWSDAY is a multi-curricular project in which students
               in each participating school produce a local newspaper
               based on the news dispatches submitted on the NEWSDAY
               news wire by cooperating student correspondents.
               Students become news gatherers and reporters, editors,
               layout and graphics artists, and publishers.
               Participation on a national and international scale
               leads to understanding of broad issues which transcend
               local concerns. This project can involve your students
               in weeks of cross-curricular activity.

               Schools may use a wide variety of methods to produce
               the papers, ranging from simple word processor cut and
               paste to full DTP packages.

               Participants will receive a newspaper produced by each
               of the other participants in the NEWSDAY project.

Grade Levels:  Upper elementary, junior high, high school.  Material
               coming off the news wire will appeal to all age levels.
               This is an excellent project to encourage profitable
               inter-grade participation.

Content Area:  Many content areas may be included during NEWSDAY. By
               deciding what kinds of articles and features to write,
               you can include a focus in almost any content area.
               Possible content areas:
               Writing             Reading                  Language
               Art                 Social Studies           Science
               Environmental Science

Number of      Minimum of 10, Maximum of 30.  If fewer than 10 schools
participants:  register, NEWSDAY will be cancelled.  When 30
               registrations are received we will open registration
               for a another NEWSDAY section.

Newsday Theme: Heroes (see project description)

Project        Erica Rogers, Global SchoolNet Foundation
Coordinator:   PO Box 243, Bonita, CA 91908
               Email: newsday@bonita.cerf.fred.org

Registration:  First attached file is the registration form. Complete
               the form and email it to the address indicated.

Contents:      Attached file 1:  Registration form
               Attached file 2:  Time line
               Attached file 3:  Complete Project Outline and Process
               Attached file 4:  Lesson Plan: Writing News Articles
               Attached file 5:  Lesson Plan: Interview "Hard Times"
               Attached file 6:  Preparing Student Files for Upload


                                                      Attached file #1
                                                       Newsday Project
                                                      January 25, 1994

Only bonafide participants in NEWSDAY will be eligible to receive
copies of newspapers produced by this project.

In order to be a bonafide participant, you must:
     a. register by sending the information requested below
     b. upload at least five of your best articles (but no more than
        10) on NEWSDAY
     c. agree to send a copy of your newspaper to each of the other
        participants (as many as 30 newspapers)
     d. agree to upload an electronic edition of your newsletter for
        dissemination to interested teachers online.
     e. agree to send the FrEdMail Foundation three copies of your
        newspaper, one of which must be on white paper suitable for

To register for NEWSDAY, please complete and return the following
registration form to:    newsday@bonita.cerf.fred.org

            Your full name:
        Your email address:
               Your school:
            SCHOOL address:

        School voice phone:
          Home voice phone:
           Grade(s) taught:

Please include  a brief  description of  your school,  community,  and
students. This information will be  sent to all participating  NEWSDAY

                                                      Attached File #2
                                                       Newsday Project
                                                      January 25, 1994
This time  line is  a  summary.   Please  see following  sections  for
further instructions.

Send questions,  comments, suggestions  (but  not news  articles!)  to

January 25 - March 15
    Register to participate in NEWSDAY by filling in the  registration
    form in attached file #1; mail it to: newsday@bonita.cerf.fred.org

    Introduce your students to the concepts and practices involved  in
    the production of a newspaper and write a "Hello File" which  will
    introduce you to the other participants.

March 18
    Project  Coordinator  will  send  you  a  complete  list  of   all

March 18
    Upload your "Hello File" to send to other participants.

March 21 - April 4
    Begin researching  and  writing  articles,  planning  layout,  and
    collecting graphics.

April 6
    NEWSDAY: Upload your articles. ALL articles should be uploaded  by
    the afternoon of April 8. (Note:  send each article in a  separate
    message.  Ensure each article is identified with author name, age,
    school, district, city,  country, and teacher.)  Send all of  your
    news articles to:      newsday@acme.fred.org

April 11 - May 11
    Scan  bulletin  board  and  download  articles  to  use  in   your

    Select and edit articles from the news wire, and combine them with
    local articles. Layout and publish  your newspaper.  Merge a  text
    version  of  each  article  into  a  disk-based  version  of  your

May 13
    1. Mail a  copy of  your printed newspaper  to each  of the  other
       participating schools.
    2. Upload your disk-based version of the newspaper.

The remaining information files will be uploaded and sent to you  upon
receipt of your registration form.

<newsday@bonita.cerf.fred.org> ---------------- 32.39.28N, 117.01.45W
The NEWSDAY Project
Global SchoolNet Foundation,  FrEdMail Network
P.O. Box 243  Bonita, CA  91908   (619)475-4852

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