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I recently decided to revise the form I send to teachers asking for input
on purchase of new materials for their subject.  The one I was using is
not inviting enough.  Our elementary librarian has a very attractive,
inviting form, but I don't think it asks for enough information.  Anybody
have a good form they would share?  In fact, what is a good source for
library forms.  We have a wonderful secretary who does wonders with Page
Maker and can change (or do from scratch) forms for us.  But it is always
nice to have a starting place.  I think I looked at a book of forms from
the Center for Applied Researach in Education a few years ago.  But I
didn't buy it, so I must not have been too impressed.  If I was wrong
about that, let me know.  And does anybody have sources for various types
of forms.  I'll be glad to share any answers I get.

Diane Durbin
Coordinator of Library Services
Stafford Municipal School District
1625 Staffordshire
Stafford, TX 77477

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