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There's a Talented and Gifted list available. Many friendly and
helpful people are there. The address is:

in message: SUB TAG-L firstname lastname

A really good gopher for *all kinds of federal info* is available
by gopher at: gopher-server.cwis.uci.edu.
When at the gopher, type 15 at the main menu, then 44 at the next.
That should get you to the government stuff. You can go to the
Dept. of Education from there.

I was just there this morning and got several publications related
to talented and gifted kids. There's a more direct route to the
Dept. of Education's gopher at gopher.ed.gov.

Hope this helps. Any questions?  Track me down below!

Rick Povich
Media Producer
University of Pittsburgh
Audiovisual Department
Johnstown, Pa. 15904
(814) 269-7103

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