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Dear LM_Netters, First I want to thank all of you who responded to my
"Best and Worst CD-ROMS" for high Schools request!  As soon as I have
tallied the replies I will post a summary on LM_NET.

Today's  question - does  anyone the name of a company that produces
catalog cards for A-V items in MARC format - Marcive seems to have very
few A-V items.  I called a couple of video suppliers to ask them, but the
only one that supplied cards was not allowed to tell me the name of the
company that provided card sets for them!  If you can help please email me
at the following address:
*  Lynne J. Webb       Monsignor Kelly High School *
*  Librarian           5950 Kelly Drive            *
*  Msgr. Kelly H.S.    Beaumont, Texas 77707       *
*  lynnew@tenet.edu    Phone (409) 866-2351        *

Thank you!

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