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Well, all the discussion from Scholastic has gotten some attention from
them!  Susan Mernit is someone I've had considerable contact with in
recent weeks. (Eisenberg aside: she's a neat person.)  She is also
responsible for the Scholastic Network.

Enjoy LM_NET....

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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 15:53:21 EST
From: Susan Mernit <mernit@tmn.com>
To: mike@ericir.syr.edu
Subject: please post

The Scholastic Network is a seperate service that uses America OnLine
technology. Scholastic Network users subscribe to the netowrk on an
annual or monthly basis(purchase order for annual account or credit card for
individual account). They receive Amerca Online as part of the price.
The Network is focused on teachers, librarians, and students--there
are authors online, scientists, lots of resources and materials,
discussions of grantwriting, technology, restructuring, assessment--it's
really a full service K-12 network. This month, there's an online
conference on literature teaching. For more info about getting a trial
account, you can call 800-246-2986. Accounts are sold with five hours of
connect time included in the basic price each month.

Best, Susan Mernit, Scholastic Network

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