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I will send this to lm_net as well as to you in case your mailing address
is still malfunctioning (is this slug mail?)

I checked with a couple of our Spanish language teachers about a word for
"click," as in mouse. One teacher teaches ESL classes to adults at
night. A newly-arrived accountant from Mexico said that they use the
word "click" in Mexico because all of the software comes from the U.S. I
asked a few of my Hispanic students, but there was no consensus as to
what word to use.

Hope this is useful.

Marge Cargo

On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, Pam Berger wrote:

> A teacher in my school is developing "folders" on Linkway Live
> to help students learn basic Spanish vocabulary. Does anyone
> know the Spanish word for CLICK as in "click the mouse."
> At present he is using the word for PRESS, but he's not
> comfortable with that choice.  Thanks
> Pam

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