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Dear LM_Netters,
     I'd really like to thank everyone who sent in their experiences to my
about whether the library should be under another department in a school.  I
printed up the whole thing (which you can see below) and gave it to my
to read.  I can only assume that he never read it because I believe you all
eloquently explained that the library functions much better for the whole
when they are a separate entity from an individual department.  I believe
any good administrator who read what you've written, and who had the best
interests of the school in mind, would never consider putting the library
some other department.  However, there are people who, once they make a
(right or wrong) they cannot see any other side.  Whatever the case may be,
of Feb. 1 we are under the auspices of the English department.  At least the
English chairman received a letter to that effect (we still have heard
Thank you again for all of the suggestions.
Linda Strauss
Tottenville HS Library
100 Luten Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10312
(718) 356-2220 ext 452

In Message Wed, 15 Dec 1993 21:21:09 -0500,
  Tottenville HS <sl05561@LLWNET.LL.PBS.ORG> writes:

>Our H.S. library has always been a department in and of itself, responsible
the assistant principal administration.  Today my principal suggested that
might be better if we affiliated ourselves with one of the other departments
the school.  He couldn't really give me any good reasons why.
        My question is: how is the library treated in your H.S.?  what would
the advantages or disadvantages of being "under" another department?
        I only see disadvantages: going to department meetings that are not
all relevant to our work, needing to bring administrative problems through
people before getting to the proper person, not having representation, etc.
>        I would appreciate your input.

From: krb@ismennt.is (Kristin Bjorgvinsdottir)

I'm sorry to hear about your principal's plans. What department will you
to?  Are you not supposed to serve those in your dept. better than other
     Here in Iceland in highschools we are all our own departments and I
heard any plans to change that.
     I can't see why we should belong to f.ex. the Icelandic language dept
be involved what they are doing more than f. ex. the History dept.
     Kristin Bjorgvinsdottir
Fjolbrautaskolinn vid Armula
IS 108 Reykjavik, ICELAND

From: sl07301 (Xavier HS)
Linda, I saw your predicament on LM_NET this a.m.  Don't let them do that to
You should, by all means, be a member of the chairpersons' group of the
but the library is its own department and cannot operate efficiently if
or any particular department's needs are put above anothers.  By being one's
department, as you know, you have the freedom to serve and you get
directly.  I think your principal needs to have a copy of Information Power,
the update as soon as it comes out. Stick to your guns, Linda.
Anything I can do to help, please let me know.

From: Betty Dawn Hamilton <bhamilt@tenet.edu>
In both Middle School and High School, the LMC is a department.  While I was
Middle School and on the Site Based Decision Making Committee, I worked at
finally succeeded in having an "improvement" statement included in our plan
the library media spacialist *would* attend at least a certain percentage of
departmental meetings.  Of course, I have been fortunate in having a full
adult aide in both places.  That way, I was invited or informed each time a
department met, but I chose which ones to attend.  I attended if I could and
always tried to take a few new sources that pertained to the subject (since
I try
to balance library additions across the curriculum).  I also took my turn to
refreshments to the meetings.
     I almost always attended the reading and language arts meetings, and
to sit in on at least one of the other departments' meetings.  We do not
frequent departmental meetings, so I could usually plan to do that.  I was
surprised at how often I could suggest how the library could help in
efforts to develop new strategies.  Attending also kept me informed of the
audiovisual purchases some departments make (since I do not make *all*
in the building).  That way I could fill in the "gaps" and not spend time on
materials that had already been purchased.
     This year at High School, I have not attended any departmental
During staff development, I *would* have attended the English meeti Lately
our media tech staff has been a separate dept. and is part of the
district's central office rather than h.s. or elementary.  Advantages:  we
time to discuss m/t issues district-wiGood luck!
Sandal Stephenson, Librarian
Bryan High School
Bryan, TX

From: Ken Haycock <haycock@unixg.ubc.ca>
My experience in this area suggests that incoporating the librarat the head
teachers' committee, and that the librarian be preceived as a
department head.  I point out to principals that if the mandate of the
heads is to determine curriculum dir
From:         Ken Haycock <haycock@UNIXG.UBC.CA>
My experience in this area suggests that incoporating the library resource
in another department only works when it is part of a majorDirector and
secretary (both retired this fall). Now we have a half-time
secretary and part-time lead teacher/high school library media specialist
Because our dept. services the school s2.  Alienation of other departments -
they would assume your
emphasis would be with the dept you joined.
     The library, of necessity, must work with all departments to do the job
required. From: sl05313 (Martin Luther King HS)
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 1994 09:32:22 -0500 (EST)

Linda, we try to stay under principal since most of our concerns cannot be
resolved by an AP.  Moreover, Dept

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