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The School Library Media Section (SLMS) of the New York Library Association
(NYLA) is alerting its members that the Elementary and Secondary School
Library Media Act HR1151 will be "marked up" in subcommittee as an
amendment to the Improving American Schools Act HR3130.  The vote in
subcommittee is scheduled for next Tuesday.  The Improving American Schools
Act is a compendium of programs that SLMS reports has a good chance to pass.
Please contact your Representatives and ask them to contact members of the
Elementary, Secondary and Vocational Education subcommittee to express
support.  New York Representatives on the subcommittee are:  Susan Molinari,
R, NY and Eliot L. Engle, D. NY. For information about Hr1151 see  "Libararians
Urged to Act...." SLJ, November 1993.

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