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I've worked with automation systems since 1983; I can say without a doubt
that it does save time and does give you more time to work with students
and teachers.   It does take time to get the process in place; both times
I automated it took a uyear to have everything done--but the benefits are
absolutely tremendous.  Also, consider the things you can teach children
about online searching etc. and the P.R. benefits of being able to hand a
bibliography to a teacher in a matter of seconds--or being able to find
the status of an item in a matter of one or two seconds.  Winnebago has a
new booklet on preparing for automation.  The booklet includes lots of
reasons and cites research.

Mary Alice Anderson
Winona, MN

On Thu, 27 Jan 1994, Paula Neale wrote:

> Betty Hamilton recently said that automating elementary libraries frees
> the librarian to spend more time with students and staff.  What I'd
> like to know from the librarians who have done it is is that true?
> Nothing I've done with a computer so far has saved me time.  It's
> just increased the quality of my work and made things possible that
> would not have been practical in pre-computer days.
> And if it does free you from technical services, how long did it take
> before that happened.  In other words how long to master the system,
> correct data entry errors, etc.  I'm speaking from a district where all
> cataloging is done on site.
> Paula Neale
> MOHMIE@delphi.com

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