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I spoke to Kit Carson of Follett just yesterday.  Follett will be
providing this service, but the cost is high.  Shelf-ready processing for
video recordings @4.99 and Shelf-Ready Processing for Sound Recordings @
4.99, (includes protective cases/covers, catalog cards or
USMARC/MicroLIF/BIBLIOFILE disc, spine and title labels, circulation card
pocket and card.)

On Wed, 26 Jan 1994, Lynne Judson Webb wrote:

> Dear LM_Netters, First I want to thank all of you who responded to my
> "Best and Worst CD-ROMS" for high Schools request!  As soon as I have
> tallied the replies I will post a summary on LM_NET.
> Today's  question - does  anyone the name of a company that produces
> catalog cards for A-V items in MARC format - Marcive seems to have very
> few A-V items.  I called a couple of video suppliers to ask them, but the
> only one that supplied cards was not allowed to tell me the name of the
> company that provided card sets for them!  If you can help please email me
> at the following address:
> ****************************************************
> *  Lynne J. Webb       Monsignor Kelly High School *
> *  Librarian           5950 Kelly Drive            *
> *  Msgr. Kelly H.S.    Beaumont, Texas 77707       *
> *  lynnew@tenet.edu    Phone (409) 866-2351        *
> ***********q****************************************
> Thank you!

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