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If someone can put a list of e mail addresses on the Net these answers
will get there REALLY fast.  Many thanks to anyone who might have this
resource available and share it with us.

Annette Church achurch@eis.calstate.edu

On Wed, 26 Jan 1994, Friends Academy

> Update on the Elementary and Secondary School Library Media Act.  This
> important Federal legislation is being discussed NOW by the Elementary and
> Secondary and Vocational Education Committee.  They are planning to tack
> this bill, as an amendment, on to the Improving Americas Schools Act.  The
> new bill number would be HR3130.  ALA says this is a very positive step.
> The committee will vote NEXT Tuesday, Feb.1, 94.  School ibrarians must
> call their representatives in the House of Representatives IMMEDIATELY.
> New York State residents please call Rep. Susan Molinari 202-225-3371 and
> Rep. Elliott Engell 202-225-2464.  Both are on the Elem. & Sec. & Voc. Ed.
> Comm.  School librarians in other states please call your reps. in the
> house and urge them to contact their colleagues on this comm.  Bill HR3130
> must be passed by the committe and go forward.  Make that phone call.
> Thanks, Judy James.

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