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Check out Linworth Publishing's catalog (the people who do _Library_Talk_
and _The_Book_Report_) they have several titles that should help in their
Professional Growth Series. Specifically:
        Library Research Skills Workbook: Grades 7-12
        Curriculum Workbook
        Creative Partnerships: Librarians and Teachers Working Together
        Looking Great with Video
        Skills for Life: Library Information Literacy for Grades 6-8
                (also 9-12 and K-6)

While I'm at it, I'd like to mention their _Tips_and_Other_Bright_Ideas_
_for_School_Librarians.  The ideas come from working school librarians. I
bought my copy last year at TLA convention. It is now covered with so many
post-it flags that it will take several years to try them all.
        Melissa Davis                   Librarian
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On Thu, 27 Jan 1994, Kathryn L. Davis wrote:

> Fellow lm-netters -
>       I am attempting to integrate the library into the school's curriculum.
> I am looking for ideas or resources for integrated lesson plans, especially i
> n the History or English classes, however, any other subject would be apprecia
> ed also.  Specifically, I would like to use a multi-media project in the lesso
> n to direct the students away from the "research paper".  The grade levels are
> middle school (6-8) and upper school (9-12).  Thank you in advance for your
> suggestions.  I will post the responses for all to read.
> Kathryn L. Davis
> The Severinghaus Library
> The Haverford School
> 440 W. Lancaster Avenue
> Haverford, PA  19041
> (610)642-3020 x262
> daviskl@duvm.ocs.drexel.edu

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