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Carole:  I lost your original posting; therefore, I am posting to the NET
with apologies to those who aren't interested ... --Pam Bishop

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 21:50:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Pamela Anne M Bishop <64150@brahms.udel.edu>
To: hatteras@micronet.wcu.edu
Subject: Re: Boys in Home Economics Classes

Carole:  When you originally posted your query, I printed it and took it
to our Home Ec. teacher.  She, in turn, asked the students for their
input.  One of the 8th-graders has typed a response, to which the teacher
attached a note as well:

Dear__________(teacher's name here),
        In response to your letter, written on ________(date here), I
would say that in order to find the best kits for middle school students
you should look in a Haans Crafts catalog.  >From the catalog, I recommend
the Giant School Football, model no.309, Desert Dan and Little Danny,
model no. 880, the Guinea Pig, model no.956, and the Plush Lips, model
no.930.  These are easy-to-make projects, and they really look treat when
you're done.
              Robert Anderson
              Skyline Middle School

        The Stuff Bag with Sling (523 400D) is also very popular with the
boys.  The kits include fabric, pattern, thread, directions, etc.  The
cost is cheaper than if materials were purchased individually from a
store.  The Haans company gives excellent service.
                                                    Becky Taylor
                                                    Home Economics Teacher
                                                    Skyline Middle School

        Later in the day, Robert came into the library with the address:
Haan Crafts, 506 E. Second St., Otterbein, IN  47970-0268
1-800-422-6548  --Pam Bishop  64150@brahms.udel.edu

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